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Home Loan

These loans are fully secured against immovable assets such as Apartment or Condo generally provide to individuals who have their assets located in Yangon region. Loan Tenor is maximum 5 years. Loan amount depends on the value of assets put as collateral.

  • Down Payment – 25-30% (Min)
  • Loan Amount – 70-75% (Max)
  • Interest rate - 18% per annum (EMI Method)
  • Loan Tenor - 5 years (Max)
  • Service Charges - 1% on Loan Amount

Required Documents

  1. Related Document such as copy of apartment or condo’s contract, Land’s owner recommendation, photos of apartment or condo (front, back, right side, left side and inside).
  2. Photo (1 pc)
  3. NRC (Copy)
  4. Permanent/ Temporary Household Registration Document (Copy)
  5. House Rental or Evidence of Ownership (Copy)
  6. Criminal Clearance Letter (Original)
  7. Proof of Residency (Original)
  8. Proof of Income (Original)
For Private/Public Company Staff - Submit document with the Company Letter Head mentioning complete address, applicant’s name, salary, year of service, position and authorized person signature issued within one month.

For Government Staff – Submit document sealed and signed by authorized officer, mentioning authorized officer name, position and personal’s number.

For Military/Police - Submit document by applicant’ name, position and personal’s number, salary, year of service & position issued within one month.

Self-Employment - Valid Business Register Certification or Trading License or Valid Contract/ Agreement with Partners.