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About RT Finance

Reliable & Trusted Company Limited (or RT Finance) is a Non-Banking Finance Institute incorporated in Myanmar as a private company limited by shares, under the Myanmar companies Act 2013, and licensed by Central bank of Myanmar (CBM) to operate with registration number NBFI/FC-13/02/2018. RT Finance creates products which are compatible with the needs and expectations of its client to position the company to compete favorably in a continual changing business environment.


Reliable & Trusted Co., Ltd is expected to provide financial services that will improve the lives and economy of our people.


Reliable & Trusted Co., Ltd is committed to increase the resources of the nation and completely fulfilling the country's aspirations for property ownership.


(1) To look at low-cost vehicles and low-cost housing that can help secure the lives of middle-income people.
(2) To undertake safe housing for clients with construction loans, housing loans and mortgage loans.
(3) Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SME) to succeed.
(4) To support continuous economic development of the country.